Online and Offline Exam Time Table

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Board of Examination (BOE)
Sr.No Name of the faculty Designation
1 Prof. Dr. Gaikwad A.H. (Principal ) Chief Controller of Examination
2 Dr. Laddha R.S. Controller of Examination
3 Prof. Gaikwad R.D. Deputy Controller of Examination
4 Dr. Arote S.A. Deputy Controller of Examination
5 Prof. Bhoye M.R. Deputy Controller of Examination
6 Dr. Tashildar R.B. Member
7 Prof. Lele A.N. Member
8 Dr. Benke S.A. Member
9 Prof. Malusare L.B. Member
10 Prof. Baheti S.S. Member
11 Prof. Kawade S.N. Member
12 Prof. Pachpind D.S. Member
13 Shri. Phapale S.E. (Registrar) Member
13 Shri. Kadale M.R. (Examination Dept.) Member

For Examination Section Helpline Number

  • Shri. Maruti Kadale

    Smt. Sandhya Gaikwad

    Shri. Vijay Raut

    Smt. Anita Sheral

    Office Number
    (02425) 225893
    (Monday to Saturday - 9.30 am to 5.30pm)